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Forever cutting. Checking directors script notes while I work.  (at Wolf Den)


Featured curator: Justin Ruckman

Kees Veenenbos uses NASA Mars Orbiter data and Terragen rendering software to create these very realistic-looking martian landscapes. His work has been used heavily by NASA, as well as featured in National Geographic and NOVA.

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We shot in this house about a month ago. This place was beautiful. Totally jealous of their shower lol
Bedtime. Good night.  (at Wolf Den)
This has been my work station for the past month. Pretty much every moment I’m not at my day job, on a set I booked, or getting what little sleep I can, I have been here editing movies. Every day. Just finished up an all nighter (approx. 19 hours) while on skype with the director guiding the edit. I am exhausted. Bedtime soon.  (at Wolf Den)





'Guardians of the Galaxy' Facts and Trivia [callmeforge]

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Loved seeing this. Woukd love to watch it again.

This Friday, if the stars are in alignment, I’ll be seeing it again.

I wouldn’t say that’s a slug creature, it could be Adam Warlock’s cocoon.

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Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

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Doing my editing thing.  (at Wolf Den)
An icon of my generation. Whether you love him or you hate him, it’s a loss. RIP Mr. Williams. I hope your heaven is as colorful as we saw in What Dreams May Come.
Seeing through my eyes.  (at Work)
It’s nice and cool tonight. Love it :) (at Work)
Chillin, waiting for the methadone patients. Hopefully they are somewhat cooperative today.  (at Work)
Hope everyone is having a good day/night. Whichever it is for you. Full moon tonight. (at Work)
Running some errands today. :)
A turtle on set. Wow.